Azure Workshops is comprised of workshops spanning across the multiple offerings and capabilities of Azure, Office 365 and other tools and resources owned by Microsoft and is maintained by many seasoned architects of various domains. Unlike typical workshops, these have been specifically designed to assist enterprises overcome obstacles in moving their on-premises datacenters to the cloud. The workshop content is hosted in GitHub, a public source code repository, to allow corporate teams to share the content and lessons.

While workshops on various topics are added regularly, please feel free to contact us if there is a particular workshop that would be beneficial to you and/or your organization.


While we do our best to keep the content in the workshops up-to-date, Azure changes quickly. We will do our best to update the content accordingly, but we make no guarantee. If you see something amiss, please let us know. Additionally, if you are comfortable will 'forking' repositories, go ahead a make the change to the appropriate markdown file, then give us a pull request. The HTML-formatted content is automatically generated from the markdown.


Contributors to these labs maybe employed by Microsoft or it's partners. This repository is not an official Microsoft repository and is not affiliated with Microsoft or it's partners under any conditions. Microsoft and/or it's partners are to be considered indemnified from any harm or incident caused by following the workshop material. Furthermore, the content is provided "as is" and there is neither an expressed nor impled warranty with using the content.